Shuttering panels

Shuttering panels are high-quality, 3-ply wooden panels, made of pine wood. The specific panel construction results in a sub- stantial improvement in dimensional stabil- ity and load-bearing capacity. The panels are fully coated with a highly resistant melamine resin, giving them ex-cellent protection. They are mostly used for paneling concrete constructions, but can also be used for other purposes due to their exceptional functionality. They are distinguished for their superior quality, durability and multiple use.

Types of wood: pine
Thickness, mm: 21, 27
Format, mm: 500×2000, 500×2500, 500×2000, 500×2000, 500×2500, 500×2000
Packaging: 50 pcs/pack or 30 pcs/pack

We can offer various ways of delivery: road and sea transport. We can deliver our products anywhere in the world, execute all the relevant customs procedures and deliver the products right at your “door”. Various delivery terms are applicable under Incoterms 2010.

Delivery terms: EXW, FCA, DAP, FOB, CIF
Delivery methods: road or sea transport
Minimum order 21 mm thick:  about 1900 m2
Minimum order 27 mm thick:  about 1450 m2