Glulam BSH

BSH (glued laminated timber) is an industrially manufactured product which consists of no less than three layers of spruce, pine laminations which are glued together with the fibres running in parallel.

BSH is distinguished by extremely high dimensional stability, low crack formation, higher load capacity in comparison to conventional construction timber and high fire safety, among other things. Due to these positive attributes, glued laminated timber has been part of the BWP product portfolio for over years.

Types of wood: spruce, pine
Quality: NSi, Si
Moisture: 12 % ± 2 %
Strength class: GL24, GL28
Height, mm: 80-600
Width, mm: 65-300
Length, mm: up to – 13 500

We can offer various ways of delivery: road and sea transport. We can deliver our products anywhere in the world, execute all the relevant customs procedures and deliver the products right at your “door”. Various delivery terms are applicable under Incoterms 2010.

Delivery terms: EXW, FCA, DAP, FOB, CIF
Delivery methods: road, sea transport
 Minimal order: from 15 m3