Planken (facade board) is a beautiful, durable facing material meeting the latest fashion trends. Planken gives the facades a unique, attractive, modern and stylish look. The basic material for the manufacture of planken is the Siberian larch, which is known for its resistance to weathering conditions, resistance to rotting, microorganisms and parasites. So basically planken is used for facing the facades of buildings, pavilions, terraces. Our company manufactures two main profiles of the planken: classic and angled.

Types of wood:  Siberian larch, pine
Quality: 1, sf, 5
Moisture: 8-15 %
Thickness, mm: 20, 21, 28
Width, mm: 68, 93, 118, 120, 145
Length, mm: 2700-6000

We can offer various ways of delivery: road and sea transport. We can deliver our products anywhere in the world, execute all the relevant customs procedures and deliver the products right at your “door”. Various delivery terms are applicable under Incoterms 2010.

Delivery terms: EXW, FCA, DAP, FOB, CIF
Delivery options: road or sea transport
 Minimal order: from 15 m3