Glulam beams – high-tech straight, curved, single-sided, double-sided wooden elements, used as the bearing structures of a building. They can be of standard dimensions or can be made according to individual orders and special projects. Glued timber bearing structures are up to 80% stronger and up to 40% stiffer compared to the conventional solid wood structures of the same dimensions. Glued timber bearing structures are fully versatile, giving the interior / exterior a unique effect.

Types of wood:  spruce, pine, Siberian larch
Quality: Visual quality, Standard quality, Industrial quality
Humidity: 12 % ± 2 %
Type of glued beams:  DUO, TRIO, BSH
Thickness, mm: 40-600
Width, mm: 100-300
Length, mm: 3000 – 13 000

We can offer various ways of delivery: road and sea transport. We can deliver our products anywhere in the world, execute all the relevant customs procedures and deliver the products right at your “door”. Various delivery terms are applicable under Incoterms 2010.

Delivery terms: EXW, FCA, DAP, FOB, CIF
Delivery methods: road, sea transport
 Minimal order:  from 30 m3