Laminated MDF (LMDF) board has all the advantages of MDF, while providing a large selection of decors. Due to its characteristics, LMDF board is perfectly suitable for: the manufacture of furniture, interiors, production of exhibition stands and other decor finishes. LMDF board can be laminated on one or two sides, processed in a variety of colours including wood shade. Advantages of LMDF: long service life, hygiene, affordable price.

The board is manufactured using dry pressing method, by pressing coniferous and deciduous wood at high pressures and high temperatures. Melamine-modified urea resins are used as binding elements in order to ensure very low emissions of formaldehyde (E1 class). Different lamination options are available upon agreement with the customer. Standard background decors: white, red, platinum, vanilla. Standard wood imitation decors: eco nut, Belfort oak, mountain alder, Italian nut, Donskoy nut.

Density: 700–900 kg / m3
Bending resistance: 16–28 N / mm2
Humidity: 4-11 %
Emission class: E1 – less than 8 mg / 100 g (STB EN622-1)
Thickness, mm: 6-30
Width, mm: 2440-2800
Length, mm: 1830, 2070

We can offer various ways of delivery: road and sea transport. We can deliver our products anywhere in the world, execute all the relevant customs procedures and deliver the products right at your “door”. Various delivery terms are applicable under Incoterms 2010.

Delivery terms: EXW, FCA, DAP, FOB, CIF
Delivery options: road or sea transport
Minimal order:  from 9000 m2