Entrance Doors

Single and double timber entrance doors

Our single and double (french) timber entrance doors the same as the timber windows are produced in 98mm, 78mm, 68mm profiles. Currently, IV98 Softline profile is the most popular product.

The timber doors have good thermal performance, do not deform and could obtain a good sound insulation depending on glazing units.

Оur timber entrance doors have dual seals all over a sash perimeter to ensure air permeability to class 4, water tightness to class 5A (200 Pa) and wind load to class C3 (1200 Pa).

IV78 Softline profile entrance doors have Uw value of Uw – 0,95 and IV98 Softline doors Uw – 0,8

Our timber doors are produced in a variety of styles: opening inwards or outwards, single or double openers, an arched or angled shaped, glazed or panelled, blank sash doors.

Recently, the blank sash doors in IV98 Softline profile became very popular. They have modern look and have good thermal and sound insulation.

Our timber doors are produced and dispached with this standard package:

3-point door lock with back set keeps by “Winkhaus” (Germany);
Lever handles outside and inside by “GreenteQ” (Germany);
“BKV” cylinder with the keys;
Mobility threshold or timber threshold (for more information see below);
Set of hinges. Each sash has three “Simons Werk” BAKA 3D (Germany) hinges as standard.
Timber balcony doors

The construction and production of the timber balcony (or terrace) doors are simpler than the timber entrance doors. The construction is equal to the timber tilt and turn window that has the same hardware and handle but has an additional opportunity to get in / out of a backyard or terrace. In order to maintain durability of the larger sizes or may be opened more often than windows, we put an additional timber insert at the bottom of the sash to every timber balcony door.

The timber balcony doors have a special plastic pull handle outside and the retainers in hardware that capture the sash but still are able to avoid of locking it.